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We have made available several tax forms that you may need. All of these available in the Adobe Acrobat format for maximum compatibility. Just click on the form you need below to start the download.

2020 Tax Worksheet Downloads

’20 taxworksheet1

’20 taxworksheet2

Business Wkst(use for Partnership, LLC or Corporation)

Trust Wkst

Schedule B-Interest and Dividends

Schedule C-Sole Proprietor(Business)revised 2018

Schedule D-Capital Gains

Schedule E-Rental Properties

Schedule F-Farm Income and Expenses

2019 Tax Worksheet Archive

’19 taxworksheet1

’19 taxworksheet2

2018 Tax Worksheet Archive

’18 taxworksheet1

’18 taxworksheet2

2017 Tax Worksheet Archive

’17tax worksheet1

’17tax worksheet2

2016 Tax Worksheet Archive

16tax worksheet1

16tax worksheet2